Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Welcome to dripread

Welcome to the dripread blog. Here I will keep you upto date with all the latest happenings on dripread.com.

dripread was created to scratch a personal itch. I was tired of finding a great book, enthusiastically start reading it and then totally forgetting about it, only to return to it a few weeks or months later wondering why I had not read more of it.

So I wanted two main things:
1. To be reminded of the book I was reading
2. To have super quick convenient access to that book

...and so dripread was created.

Although there are a number of public domain texts available, really the driving force behind dripead is to allow users to upload books THEY are interested in and would like to read.

It's very much a work in progress, as I add new features and try out new ideas.
I'd love to hear your opinions and any ideas you have on how dripread can be more useful to you.

Happy dripread'ing
May you finish what you started


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